Erma Byrd Center

300 University Drive
Beaver, WV 25813

The Erma Byrd Center for Public Higher Education is the first building of its kind in the state. The 33,000 SF center provides students the convenience of taking a variety of college classes offered by six different colleges and universities in a single location. The new facility consists of standard classrooms, distance learning classrooms, science lab, computer classroom, lecture hall, and a multimedia library, along with administrative office space for each college and university. Through technology, the building itself becomes an educational tool. Students are able to monitor the HVAC system and its controls through web-based software, thereby learning how the system works and how the climate and building design affect performance.

A wind turbine and solar panels on-site assist in reducing the overall utility cost and allow students to see first-hand the benefits of alternative energy sources. This higher education facility sets a new standard for the learning environment and energy efficiency. The building is designed to maximize use of natural light and has sensors throughout that control the artificial light level by measuring the amount of light present in the space. The high-tech facility is the first building on what will become a campus for public higher education. Its placement at the front of the site allows the building to serve as a beacon of what is to come.

SIZE: 33,000 SF

COMPLETION: August 2007

COST: $7.5 Million

2008 AIA Honor Award, West Virginia Chapter:
Excellence in Architecture

American School & University:
Outstanding Building Design