Wood County Justice Center

200 Third Street
Parkersburg, WV 26106

This project was an extensive renovation of a 15-year-old, 32,000 SF, single-story office building located in downtown Parkersburg, West Virginia. The building was purchased by the Wood County Commission with the purpose of bringing together three government functions that had outgrown the three separate buildings that they occupied.

The renovated building consists of offices and three courtrooms for the county’s Magistrate Court system, public service windows for document pickup and payment of fines, offices for the Sheriff’s Department and Home Confinement, and a 12-hour inmate holding center.

Due to the building’s new use, the interior was completely demolished, leaving only the shell. The building’s main entrance was relocated and redesigned to provide a new, more prominent identity to the building and to align with the new parking area created by the demolition of the adjacent existing magistrate court building. The old HVAC system was removed and replaced with a more energy-efficient system and new, energy-efficient lighting was installed. The project was designed around the U.S. Green Building Council’s New Construction and Major Renovation Guidelines and has achieved LEED Certification.

SIZE: 32,000 SF


COST: $5 Million